Types of Tent Pegs At a Glance


The world of backpacking and camping carries many kinds of stakes than you could guess. Here are the types I have described all about types below.

Utility Stakes: These kinds of stakes are usually longer than hook tent stakes, as well, they provide a higher amount of holding power. They’re best for car camping tours when space and weight are not a big issue.

V-Stakes: Apparently, they come in a V shape. They’re also familiar with their durability, and all excellent features, presenting them less prone to breakage. They’re ideal for rocky and hard ground.

Nail Stakes: The T shape tent stakes allow you to fasten your guy line to the stake more easily. There’s always a flat head while the rump is sharp-edged. They come with all high materials equipment; they attached to a piece of plastic on the head.

Y-Stakes: Y-stakes is one of the best for the all-around terrain. If someone can provide the extra higher price point for a sturdy, durable and all-rounder tent stake, then he or she can take the Y stake.

Snow Stakes: It does not mean that they are perfect for snow only. These large, curved tent stakes feature hole that assists freeze them in place, providing you a maximum holding power on the snow. Length is crucial in snow tent stakes. They are, yet, a little bit heavier than general types of tent.